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The myRA program ended on September 17, 2018. This site is no longer being updated.

Step 1: Select a Roth IRA provider

Shopping for a Roth IRA is like other types of comparison shopping. Spending time comparing different options may give you more confidence in selecting the right financial product for you.  Below, you’ll find a few things you may want to consider as you look for a new Roth IRA provider.

You can download the Roth IRA Provider Comparison Worksheet to make it easier to compare your choices.

Things to consider when selecting a new provider

An account minimum is a dollar amount someone is required to have in the account. Many providers do not require any account minimum. However, some providers require a minimum opening deposit, or minimum account balance. In choosing your new Roth IRA provider, consider how much is currently in your myRA and whether you will be adding additional funds to your new Roth IRA.

For example, if your new Roth IRA provider requires that your minimum opening deposit be at least $500, and you currently have $400 in your myRA, you may not be able to open an account with that Roth IRA provider unless you add in another $100 to meet the $500 account minimum.

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